Don't go to Herpes-R-Us

I got genital herpes after visiting Leigh GUM Clinic. I watched a Senior Nurse pull a used examination glove out of the bin. This glove was then used to examine me with. I went to the clinic because I was embarrassed about seeing the GP about itching. I discovered the mild itching was caused by switching to Biological washing powder, when I had previously been using Non-biological powder at University. I sort of knew this already, but as I am a hypochondriac with anxiety, I wanted this to be confirmed to put my mind at rest. Genital herpes is the price of hypochondria. The moral of this is never go to Sexual Health clinics, unless you want to add to your collection of STI's.

The nurse did however confirm that I had no STI and that there was nothing to treat. Then both the Senior Nurse and the other nurse (who witnessed the whole thing!) waved me merrily on my way with a lifetime of genital herpes. Fanks.

(I would add an image to bring my 'post to life' but I don't think it would be tasteful).

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Have you reported this? And why did you not say anything at the time? Though i have done it myself witnessed something and be so taken back that you and up saying nothing cos your questioning what you are seeing and then before you know it it's all done!


Yeah I've reported it. I should have walked out, but I didn't. I wasn't expecting that to happen, so wasn't prepared for what to do. I just froze and pretended in my own mind that I didn't see it then I could get through the examination.


I don't understand this! The nurse said no STI [which is good] but you have herpes [which is not] and would certainly need treatment/advice. Or is that your [honest] hypochondria?


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