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The comdom split!!

Hey I'm 18 and my bf 21 ive only just started having sex, the last time I had sex which was yesterday the comdom broke and he had cumed before it split I'm worried about an unwanted pregnancy and I'm not sure what to do as I'm aware cleaning does not change the fact sperm has entered me I'm wondering whether a morning after pill would prevent this or are there other options ??

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A pregnant test will reassure you, you can normally get these pregnancy tests kits from the shops. Morning after Pill can be the last option. I am sure there is nothing to worry about. get the test done

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Check with the chemist about the morning after pill. If you had taken it on the morning after the sex, then it would have prevented a pregnancy. Girls, it is quite a good idea to stash a morning after pill somewhere in case of split condoms! Then you are ready.


A morning after pill would probably work if used promptly, I believe they work up to the point of a few days, your pharmacist may be able to help you better.  Cleaning, etc would not help really.


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