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Herpes and pregnancy

I am 30 years make and I got herpes on 2010.almost now 5years completed. That time my Dr, VP. Has diagnosis that I am suffering from herpes and I used acyclovier. When I m getting out brakes I m using it, and I m married and it was love marriage. She was with me since 2010 and that time due to my mistake she got same symptoms. It is doesn't matter becoz she understood the situation. Last year I got married officially and now I'm planning to be a father.. But both of us are little scared due to herpes. This one happen due to my mistake I have ever done in my life. But I CNT change it. Any way please advice me how can I have a healthy baby having herpes?? Please.

Thanks. Josh vikram.

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You have been with your partner for the last five years - and your partner has had symptoms in the past, so it is highly likely that you both carry the virus.

I understand that you would like to have a child that does not have herpes. When both partners have the virus there is a minimal risk of transmitting herpes to the baby, and any outbreaks during pregancy do not have an adverse effect on the baby. There is a smalll risk 1 to 4% of transmission at birth, so your wife needs to inform her midwife that there is a history of herpes, and the midwife will examin her to ensure there are no lesions present when she is in labour.

If you have any further worries you and your wife need to go along to a sexual health clinic and discuss your concerns - the service is free and confidentual.


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