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Red Spots on Penis Crown

I got these red little spots on my penis crown.I had protected intercourse with my partner a day before this happen.I don't know what this is ? is syphillis or Herpes or any other STI STD.

Last time i had unprotected intercourse was last year .and oral sex was last month.

theres no itchiness or pain on no pain in urinating.

i had yellow discharge few weeks ago but after cleaning few times it went away in a day.

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It could be a reaction to the latex in the condom. Use a wash that is perfume free such as dermol 500 ( buy at any chemist). It could be a fungal rash but I would expect it to be itchy . There is no harm in trying canestan cream . It is not an sti so I would not be concerned. If it doesn't settle in the next 4 days see your local sexual health clinic.



It could be some mild irritation fron having sex,, which should settle on its own in a few days. . Wash the area gently with water for a few days and avoid any soap products. I woukd also strongly recommed going to your local sexual health clinic for a check up as sexually transmitted infections can cause a rash and discharge. They can be picked up even if the sex was a while ago and although low risk, also from oral sex.


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