i'm a gay man in a relationship, i do not stray from my relationship and my boyfriend assured me he has also been faithful. We have been together almost 2 years and i have recently got warts around my bum. Me and my boyfriend wear nappies, me pretty much 24/7 and him not quite as much, could wearing nappies cause these warts? Or could it be from my previous boyfriend but that is nearly 2 years ago since i was with him??

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  • It is very difficult to say where the warts have come from and I would not worry about that. Warts are harmless and many of us have the virus and don't show warts on our skin. I agree it is not to do with wearing the nappy but I wonder if the warm moist environment will make it harder to clear. I would suggest stopping smoking if you do as that is linked with the inability to clear warts. Pop down your local sexual health clinic and they will sort them for you.

  • Thanks for the response, no i do not smoke, as for the nappies, i cannot stop wearing them. I have already been to the sexual health clinic, they sprayed some freeze spray on them, my bottom was red raw for around a week, some of the warts did go, however it seems that they have come back as it seems i now have more than i started with. I was also given some tiny sachets of cream to use on alternate days, but this didn't seem to do anything. I have worn nappies since i was 12 and never had any problems with warts or any sexually transmitted infection before, i have just made another appointment to see if they can be treated again. I think i need to be honest with the doctor about me wearing nappies, i'm just embarrased to discuss it with him, i didn't feel comfortable with him when i got my last treatment, maybe if i get a different doctor next time, i will tell them about the nappies

  • Warts are ugly harmless things. Most of us pick up the virus at some point but in most cases the virus doesn't show itself (the warts).

    People get warts around the anus because it's an area that gets irritated easily (going to the toilet, sex etc) the wart virus loves irritated skin which is why the warts pop up at the places they do.

    The cream you were given sounds like aldara. It does work eventually but you have to persevere with it (so may need more than one month), you know it's working when you get a mild heat sensation almost like a mild sunburn. If you are not feeling anything you need to use more cream.

  • Thanks for your input charliejoe, the cream is Aldara, i have been back to the GU Med clinic at the hospital. I saw a different consultant this time. She didn't spray the affected area, she has given me more cream (double the amount of last time) She said that i must go back for more immediately if i run out as i will need to continue the treatment. She said that the warts are very flat compared to most people. She is confident that if i persevere, i will be rid of them. She didn't think that nappies caused it, however she said she couldn't say whether the nappies would make it more difficult to get rid of them. She did recommend changing my nappy more regular and to make sure i clean myself properly when changing. She did say that wearing disposable nappies was good in the respect of changing regular as they are thrown away and underwear is washed and worn again, so will see what happens.

  • There not warts, its piles.

  • thank you for your reply punjabpak123. I have now been seen by 7 different doctors, not one of them have suggested i have piles. I am still beiing treated, however i have now been referred to a specialist because they think my immune system might be low as i have also got problems with psoriasis which just seems to be getting out of hand, so will see what they say

  • Update, i carried on going to the GU Med clinic every week to have my warts sprayed and get more cream when i needed it. I got a bit fed up and after reading some stuff on the internet, i bought some of the freeze spray for Verrucas and froze the warts myself. (this was not easy because trying to do this using a mirror was difficult. However whether it was this which worked, or a combination of my treatment at the GU Med with my own remedy. The warts went within about 3 weeks of me freezing them myself and i have now been wart free for the last 2 months

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