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If the penis only touch the lips of the vagina can you still get pregnant?

was at the movies and no one was around. it was me and my gf and we start to mess around but i might had taking it to far so i pull out my penis and try rubbed it against her vagina but then she get scared so i stopped.

please help me i only 16 and she is only 15 she scared and i am still scare and all dis happened on the 4 of july 2014 i had not per-*** until i stopped and sit down but she still think that she can get pregnant i know what yal will say why yal doing these kind of thing at a young and to answer that is i dont even know we were just in the moment so plz i beg on u help me out

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Without the penis going inside the vagina , she will not get pregnant. Since it was in July , ask your GF if she has had her period. If she has then she is not pregnant. It may be worth you talking about contraception just in case it happens again. Any family planning clinic will give her emergency contraception which can be taken upto 5 days after unprotected sex but the sooner the better. It might be worth your GF starting on- going contraception. Go and speak with a nurse. They are very friendly and helpful .


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