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Will it Effect or not ?

My friends it is said by learned men specially (Hakeems and Vaidya) physicians in India and Pakistan says that nature taught us " anything excess that is poison " and we should keep faith in their saying too because they are serving to this world since last thousands of years, one should do masturbate but in a certain limit, for example a person use to masturbate three or four times in a day will he or she get effected or not ? . I would say of course they will, because semen is not like a saliva which is continue to produce in our mouth, in our day to day life what ever we eat it comes from earth and our system specially the lever turned it into blood in our body which is an essential part of our body to keep it alive, after lots of circulation in our body the blood comes to the testicle the another most important organ which produces the semen also known as seeds of a man or women which can give a human to the world in the form of a birth. In an excessive masturbation testicle required more blood to produce the semen in result lever suffers along with in Urdu (Aazae Raeesa) Heart, Brain, & Testicle . PCMIIAW. (Please Correct Me If I Am Wrong).

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