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STI Question

Five days ago, whilst on holiday, I stupidly had unprotected sexual contact with a unknown female. I'm not exactly sure what happened as I was rather out of it at the time.

The next morning I woke with a burning/itching sensation at the tip of my penis. The following morning I realised the itching/burning sensation had spread to my groin area and the inside of my legs/thighs.

When I returned to home two days ago, I went to the local GUM clinic, where the doctor there did a visual inspection of my genital area and then took urine and blood samples. I haven't heard anything from them yet.

I was assuming that I had contracted some STI, with pubic lice being one of them. I've since noticed small spots of blood on my skin, but also on the chest and stomach areas, which aren't covered with hair. I've also noticed two small yellow spots near the base of my penis.

Clearly I'm very anxious about this, any thoughts?

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When you say spots of blood you mean blood that you can wipe off? (like something is biting you) or blood spots in the skin (like bruises)?

It was good that you went and got checked out. It can however take two weeks for infections like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea to show up on urine tests so it's important that you get those tests repeated after two weeks has passed.

You can normally see public lice quite clearly on the skin / hairy areas.

If you are still worried, head back to the GUM clinic and get them to take another look.


The tiny blood spots appear to be in the skin, as I can't wipe them off.

I already have another appointment booked at the GUM clinic for a repeat urine test, and was advised to have another blood test in around six weeks.


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