I have a really tiny sore on my gum between my canine tooth and lateral incisor, is it possible I have an STD?

It has been 4 days since I developed some pain on my gum between 2 of my tooth (canine and lateral incisor). It is not extremely painful, only if my lip rubs against it or if I touch it.

There's a really tiny ulcer-looking sore (like a dot) on that area. It's literally at on the edge of the gum where the teeth meets. Today, I found a tiny ulcer on the right side of my tongue

Is this a possible sign of an STD like syphilis? I had oral sex 10 days ago

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Get yourself tested, just to be safe. Plenty of home STD test kits out there, no need to do the walk of shame to the clinic. I wrote an article about it.


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