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No diagnosis

Unfortunately I contracted gonorrhoea in Thailand 5 years ago and a clinical diagnosis of Herpes simplex was made - an antibodies test identified it as type 2 (organised through HVA). In the period since I have continued to have the following symptoms; increased frequency of micturition including nocturia (up to 40 times a day voiding between 20 and 120ml), flu like malaise every month or so lasting for several days at a time and genital pain - sores have appeared on only a couple of ocassions. I have been tested numerous times and have also visited a chronic fatigue specialist and urologist. The urologist diagnosed a narrowed bladder neck but the tests were crude and medication (alpha blockers) has not helped. My underlying health is regarded as very good however the symptoms are crippling when they are in full swing (I am 41). Herpes suppressive treatment does not help a great deal.

Could it be some kind of prostatitis? As far as I know prostatitis is a difficult condition to diagnose and treat and as a result may be avoided by some urologists!

I do appreciate that stress can cause all manner of problems and after 5 years its time to try and move on but its a major struggle.

Many thanks.

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