My boyfriend and I had sex... and the condom broke. Im worried about pregnancy. What are the changes?

We are both 17 and in our last year of school. Today we had sex but the condom broke. The precum was not in the condom and we mucked around before we had sex. He didnt come and we stopped as soon as we noticed. Tomorrow im planning on taking the morning after pill but im not sure about how effective that will be as my last period started on the 13th. I had a shower straight after we finished. Please help :/

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Firstly, I'm not a medic - you can always go and chat to your GP or nurse for really good info and with your age, story and attitude they *will* be very eager to help you. However, the chances of you getting pregnant are dependent on so many things it's impossible to say - not just all the fluids involved (precum/cum) but how fertile you (and your boyfriend) are, for example. The morning after pill is designed for this - so I'd suggest that you are doing exactly the right thing. If you're going to a chemist to get the pill then ask for a chat with the pharmacist (in private) and put any doubts to rest. You've caught the issue at the right time - good luck and don't worry (too much).


Hi secretb,

Showering won't work! If the condom broke you need emergency contraception. There are two different types of "morning after pill" or an emergency coil. But you need to sort this out straightaway.

Go to this NHS choices clinic finder

Search for your nearest clinic or pharmacy as the sooner you get emergency contraception the more effective it is. If you are having regular sex then it's probably best to go on some regular contraception. There are lots of options but I'd recommend the implant over the others.


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