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Me nor my girlfriend have any STI's. my question is, if we have unprotected sex is there any chance of developing one?

Basically, according to most things I have read, you need to be a carrier of an STI to pass it along. But neither me nor my girlfriend have any STI's, if we have unprotected sex is there any risk of catching or developing a sexually transmitted infection?

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You have to have an sti before you can pass it on. so if you both have been fully checked out ( including blood tests) then you can't pass on anything you don't have.

Remember unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy so make sure you get some information on contraception.


Dear Nullflare,

Sexually transmitted infections have to be caught from someone. If you have both been tested, and are not having sex with other people, you should be fine.

Just a couple of points worth noting though:-

It can take up to two weeks for Chlamydia to be detectable and possibly up to 12 weeks for HIV to show in the blood. It's therefore important to ensure that you have both been tested 12 weeks after you had sex with anyone else.

Also the virus that causes genital warts can take up to 2 yrs to show, and it's not something you get tested for routinely.Therefore one of you could develop warts several months into a relationship.

Don't forget about contraception, unless you are trying for a baby.

Kind regards.


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