Can I get pregnent from Pre-cum?

Me and my bf were rubbing against each other without clothes. We were just rubbing against each other nothing else. There was pre-cum on his penis. he was fingring me and he might have touched his precum and he was fingring me. after 2 days he was fingring me again and then later there was blood in urine and little pain. I searched about it on internet and then came to know that it might be urine infection. I then spoke to doctor on phone and she suggested me 2 medicines after that I was fine. It's been 6 months now since me and my bf got physical. 2 days ago i was surfing internet and read somewhere that you can get pregnent from pre-cum. I got scared after reading that. My priods are on time never missed them from last 6 months (2-3 days delay). And there is no symptoms on pregnancy. Do you think that i'm pregnent? I'm scared please help me as it's not easy for me to get home pregnancy kit to test it.

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You can get pregnant from pre-come but generally you'd have to be having sex, usually sperm dies if it's outside the body for too long.

I don't think you're pregnant, you'd know by 6 months! You'd be showing and your periods would have stopped.


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