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Strange period

I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation or can ease my mind a bit.

I've been taking the pill (microgynon) for about 8 years now and have got used to the pattern my period takes whilst on it. I take my last pill on a Sunday period starts lade Monday or early Tuesday and is finished by the Friday. This has been the same for the whole time whilst on the pill.

Only this week I took my last pill on Sunday (as usual) and by Wednesday I still hadn't started my period. Then yesterday (Thursday) I had a small amount of dark brown discharge (like I usually do before my period starts), but no actually bleeding. I have had a small amount of this dark 'spotting' throughout yesterday and now (Friday) it seems to have almost completely stopped, without me having what I would consider a 'proper period'

My questions are:

1) Is it normal for something like this to happen? (I know being on the pill can change you periods, but after so many years I thought my body had sorted itself out??)

2) Are there things (other than pregnancy) that could cause this?

3) Is it likely that the pill could have suddenly stopped working?


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Hi Nemi

Menstrual periods can and often will vary whether or not you are on the pill. As this is a one-off, it suggests there is nothing you need to worry about. The pill is still working as it should.



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