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Problem with my pubic hair that has changed colour, especially after taking bath it shows dominant whitish colour

I'm 21 years old, and been having this strange colourish pubic hair for a year now on my balls ever sinced my ex-girlfriend had a discharge when we were doing sex. And I don't experience any STI symptoms just that this colour thing is bothering me now, can anyone tell me what should I do to get rid of this?

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If you have not seen your doctor already, lets use shaving regularly and see if it will clear. Meanwhile you have to maintain good body hygiene whilst shaving.


I've been shaving all the time and there is no hope that it will just clear-out on my pubic hair, #thinking# and maybe yes I should use good body hygiene that I can find from any pharmacy...


When you shave pick a sample of the hair and observe. You may use a hand lens. It will seem as if it is a growth on the hair shaft. That is why I recommended shaving and personal hygiene. But of the shaft has changed color then you need an experts advice which I believe your Doctor can be of help.


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