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At my wits end!


I’m a 29 year old woman and I think that I’m autistic. I have to do things at a certain time, I feel that my wording gets jumbled up and then I get anxious, I find it really hard to make friends, I feel that I’m better off working/being on my own and I seem to be coming across as rude/blunt/not looking interested when I know full well that I am. Should I go to a GP and mention all this? As I’m starting to feel that this affecting myself and my work as I want to succeed in life and I don’t to lose my job as I love it!

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I’ve noticed these within the last 2 years, I had a job recently working in a call centre and that really threw me off track, I now work in a dental nursing.

Hello Nicolaclare

Yes you must go to your GP and discuss it don't be alone with it you will feel so much better talking about it

My son is in his 30s and is autistic he has been discriminated against as people don't understand or realise he has a condition

You don't have to feel like you do and feel you have to give up your job

I hope you will make an appointment today and start to get your happy life back and not worry

Take care and all the best x

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Thank you, I am going to make an appointment to see my GP and discuss my situation. I don’t want to be going from job to job for the rest of my life.

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So pleased

No you shouldn't have to go from job to job Your employers have duty of care to you

Good luck x

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