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I am currently looking to get tested for autism because my counselor said she believes I have autism and a lot of times I end up sweating. And is it possible that my anxiety I have is causing me to sweat a lot?

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With autism diagnosis - you can get extra help for the things you wanted like education, you get extra tuition and time to learn - of course if you do online - you have to tell them. There are charities - all to HELP YOU - so that is nice like seeking employment and afterwards with your actual job - helping you in what you do, like extra hands. It is better, once you know

An autism diagnosis is useful if you’re young, but if you’re over 25 it’s unlikely to do anything other than make some sense of things in your head. Many of us suspect we have autism and the diagnosis just confirms it. There’s not a lot of help in the UK certainly for anyone with autism and if you’re an adult you’ll be very lucky to get anything at all. I was told a diagnosis would open doors, it’s done nothing but close them as mental health teams have backed away saying they don’t deal with it. Obviously each country is different and this experience is based purely on the UK and the NHS.

Anxiety can cause sweating, any situation that triggers a fight or flight response can and does in many people. You may also find you need to rush to the loo, our bodies want to be empty and lighter so we can move faster!

It's just hard because I went to school to work with kids and I can't do it because of my anxiety and possible autism. And I have a hard time working in a fast paced environment so I don't know what type of job would be good for me.

You sound like you may benefit from seeing a psychiatrist or even a psychologist who is qualified to diagnose autism. Counselling is all well and good but it does sound like to move forward you need to know and guidance/help in career paths. The one thing that did come out of my diagnosis was a page of advice on what I might want to do with my future - things in his professional opinion that I’d cope with and be suited to. Sadly they relied on me getting help first which hasn’t happened but, had I been able to access the right help I’d have definitely been interested in one or two of his career ideas.

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