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Requesting A Help

I am Abuubakar Caddow, a Somalian young man living in Mogadishu (capital city of Somalia). I am also an author.

I am the uncle of 5 year old orphan child whose father (my elder brother) had been killed. The kid has a terrible in speech, he understands instructions he told, but he can't say many words, and the little words that he can say are not clear.

I am thought that he has autism, and we (Mogadishu residents) don't know much about autism.

So I request you kindly to share with me any knowledge or information you have about that problem.Thank you very much.

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Abuubakar, thank you for reaching out for help for your 5-years old nephew. What I need for you to do is to please share with me any other difficulties or other things he does that seem odd to you.


This is a very good article about the characteristics of autism. It is written for adults but is still excellent for kids too: m.wikihow.com/Recognize-Aut...

Perhaps of equal or greater importance is to find a reliable communication method you can use with your nephew. There are many options, and this link can give you some great examples: everyonecommunicates.org/me...

Finally, my other advice would be to focus on teaching your nephew to understand his emotions and how to manage them. I would also try to use collaboration instead of demanding his compliance. In this way you will be acknowledging his differences but also empowering him to do the best he can with his own personal abilities.


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