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hi my name sandy. My

Hi my name is sandy, I got a 4 years and 3 months old son, he's got many difficults, he is at school now at reception year. He doesn't speak properly only few words, his communication not god, he doesn't like play with other childrens, his got poor attention, he was diagnosed autism spectrum. I am waiting to get a place at special school, but sometimes I don't know to manage him it is so hard to me.

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Hi sandy I know it is very difficult to know how to manage a child with autism, my granddaughter is now 17 years and my daughter and myself had a terrible time for years, she was not diagnosed until 3 years ago, although she was brought to doctors for years, she to did not play with other children and she is only now beginning to mix very selectively, she does go to college and she is the most intelligent person I could imagine, she is funny, witty, and I could not have asked for a better granddaughter, get all the help you can get go online for help sites that Wii guide you to information you will need, I suppose you know by now these children have to be handled differently, and somehow we have to get on there wave length which is not easy, but necessary, get a social worker if you don't have one to help as well, these kids are not naughty just different hope all goes well for you let us know Annette


My Grandson is 4 years old. He has the same symptoms as your son. He is disruptive and sometimes violent. There are excellent facilities for the treatment of spectrum disorders in some parts of Britain. There is a proper procedure but most people can't identify what the problem is. When they do most GP's don't recognise it either. And in some cases like with my daughter & son-in-law they are in denial that there is something wrong and take the attitude "he'll grow out of it". I knew there was something seriously wrong with my Grand son when he was 18 months because of this constant high pitch shrieking he was doing. I even went to his GP without his parent's consent but was told he had a behavioural problem. I have 8 children & 9 Grand children. I know when something is wrong. My Grand son will have his first appointment with a Consultant Child Psychologist in next 10 days. That's over two years too late. Sandy, you need to go to your GP. Show the contents of this Website to your GP. Print it or down load it. Tell your GP you want the best possible care for your child. If the best possible care is not offered and obtained within 90 days you will seek legal advice and Legal Aid with the intention of taking your GP & Health Trust to court to force them into providing the care you need. The previous advice you have had is correct. If you do not have a child nurse and a Social Worker ask the local health trust to provide both. You may have to badger ALL of the authorities as they are pretty pathetic unless they see a solicitor's letter or a newspaper reporter on their doorstep. You should also put pressure on your local Education Authority. My sister lives in a different part of UK to me, but she actually gives respite care to Spectrum children for parents who need a rest after school. Also it is important to realise that these children are little people who have a difference. They are not seriously ill. Just different. Most Spectrum kids often go on to live a normal teenage or adult life. It IS a childhood thing. Unless the proper treatment or services are not made available. Sandy, keep your chin up. Be assertive with the authorities. But be respectful. You and your child have basic entitlements and basic human rights. Give your little fella a hug for me.


Hi Sandy

Just remember he can't help being different. Different is the most important word. Look for things he does well and praise him for that. Don't expect him to fit into society's normal ways. He is different and very special. Don't let him get away with not learning stuff though. You teach him what the school system can't. Be patient.


Dear Sandy,

Why don't you go for behavioral interventions and therapies?

It is good that your son is early diagnosed. One more thing you have to understand and that, besides a neurological disease autism is a genetic disorder too.

So, take advise from pediatrician and you may ask the pediatrician for HBOT also.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is an oxygen therapy made for this kind of purposes. For more information you may visit

All the best for your son.

Please go for the treatment as early as possible because if you neglect then autism may turn into other diseases like epilepsy etc.


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