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Has anyone ever over analyzed someone else's feelings based upon past experiences with other people? Maybe relating their behaviors or actions to something deeper than they may be leading on?

This statement is ringing in my ear pretty loud, "Something is wrong with you", "you have the inability to take people at face value", "you never change". I thought I was being loving and showing compassion. Other people wear me out. I just want understanding through my struggles.

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I'd love to help but I'm not understanding your post. Could you clarify more for me please, what you are struggling with etc, thank you.

I can tell that my husband is struggling psychologically, but he blames other people for his mental illness. I've been there that is how I know he is struggling on top of him saying he wishes he would die. That's an obvious indicator of depression. He reminds me of my mother's ex husband and at that time I thought he just hated me. Turns out he was in fact struggling himself. The comparisons are uncannily similar, it almost makes me sick.

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