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Autism people don't show live at all?


We have a 6 year old grandson who doesn't talk, has all the "so called classic signs" of having ADD, but I also believe he has other mental issues that are not related to ASD, only my opinion. My wife had a 3-month old Down Syndrome son when I met her and married her. When Damion was born the experts said he was so severe he would never walk, talk, do anything for himself. We proved them all wrong. Damion is now 37. The expert said he sees some autism in our grandson but He's loving and all people with autism don't love because they don't like to be touched. Our grandson Shane is just now beginning the first step to even be diagnosed. Is this true???

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Not all people with autism hate to be touched. Not all people with autism find it difficult to show love. I'm surprised at the expert for making such a sweeping statement.

Autism people??

My feelings exactly!! I asked my wife why does our daughter in law, when speaking to our grandson who's autistic, when she refers to our older grandson who's only a year older as "BROTHER?" Good give brother s hug or go tell brother you are sorry. For me she's making some sort of distinction that he's somehow different. When we raised our son who's down syndrome we never did that because we never viewed him as "different." He had a mental disability that made things more difficult for him than others but he wasn't different. We viewed our pets as different. I believe all people with either mental or physical disabilities are not different from the rest of us, they just have mental or physical limitations that make things a bit more difficult. But to say things like those autistic people is cruel.

Its not true at all. My eldest child loved being cuddled, always wsnted fusses, tk be atroked etc he never ever left my side. He is now diagnose with asd, additional learning disabilities, spd, dpd, PDA etc.

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