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sensory seeking child


Hello, my 10 year old has always been a sensory seeker and huge on stimming... however lately I’m finding that she is struggling more and more with needing some sensory input... and play doh just isn’t doing it! 🤦🏼‍♀️ does anyone else have littles who enjoy any specific activities that give them some good sensory input? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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orbeez, kinetic sand, noisy putty

Fidget spinner, fidget cube, flip bracelets that has the scaly things you can run back and forth to change the color or just to mix the 2 colors. A koosh ball, stress ball, rubber hairy bug thingy, a rubex cube (knock off one). A few other fidget things I got from Target. Buttons to put on shoe string. Cheap stuff that won't break the bank or if it gets broke not much was spent. Some I got at the dollar tree store. Took a couple of pictures but don't know if or how to add them. Good luck. My daughter is 7 1/2 years old and it is a struggle to keep her hands busy and out of trouble. She really likes to be on her tablet also, watching videos and playing games

Show her how to make things this will be even better! Like making gooey gels (links below), or perfume smells, soaps etc. A youtube search will show you!

I used to do this as a child, as it was the only thing i could concentrate on and now I am doing a chemistry PhD in making gels!!!

My 13 year old has a fidget cube,tangle twisters,Fidget spinners,infinity hoop,squeezy things.I hate slime and won't let my kids have it.Big lumps of bluetac.He likes also stacking cups the works.

Definitely on the “no slime” bandwagon 😂

My grandaughter cuts soap up and puts it in slime for a sensory experience, she also uses a disco light bulb.

Hope this helps.

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