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Support groups for Autism


Can everyone in this community who knows of any support groups in their town comment below and list the name of the group, location and possibly website link?

Hopefully this will help bring some of you together :)

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14/19 yr olds called COAST runs every Saturday afternoon All year round including bank holidays we have a different things to do pool,(board games which is good helps with lots of things) Xbox ,wii, censors room( good to chill out in) we also do cooking to help with independent living.Monday evening group Pirates are cooler than ninjas, activities as above but not sensory room, but the attendees have set up a sub grp where they meet up outside of the grp. Both these groups are in Portsmouth. (coast comes under the same website)

PASN (google it) Portsmouth autism support network. Not sure of web add.

Fab organisation in pembrokeshire they also offer a sibling group for brother's and sister's x


Thanks for sharing Action for Children with us! If they have any interest in starting their own free HealthUnlocked community let me know, I'd be happy to share some information! is a great site it has taught me a lot.

We are not alone. Hope this web site helps you. Good luck.

My way we have one once a month at local Library run by THAS which is funded/part of Tower Hamlets council East London.

We have topics each month and also getting guests like Met transport Police to speak about traveling.