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Anyone know of any tests I can take?

Hi, after watching the (probably by now legendary) Channel 4 documentary on autism I've been looking for information on symptoms of the disorder simply because of certain aspects of the condition that I found very resonant for me. Specifically, dislike of social interaction and other little things like overstimulation (I was almost word for word with the girl who described how she felt when people sat beside her on the bus). However, I used to be a writer and wrote fiction! It seems so VERY unlikely that I could be on the autism spectrum when I have always liked story-telling, but on the other hand, I find it hard to believe that simple social anxiety could make me feel like lashing out when people invade my space.

I did one test I found on here that said I was on the Asperger's spectrum, but does anyone know of any other/s I might do to get a better idea of 'symptoms'. It was the Baron-Cohen test I did, I think, but a lot of the questions were very vague and I found I kept saying "Well, it depends on the situation" so no answer felt right.

I would say I had good empathy and that also seems to deny the possibility of it being an autism spectrum issue. The only other thing I would mention is I was surprised by how much I related to Pathological Demand Avoidance . I don't have meltdowns but I have spent a lot of my life putting myself in self-destructive situations because I SO hate being told what to do or anyone expecting anything of me.

Anything anyone can suggest to give me a better, more in-depth idea of whether I might be on the spectrum would be greatly appreciated,

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I took this quiz that my friend (who’s nearly qualified to diagnose autism) directed me to cos she thought I might be autistic. It’s a bit tedious but it gives an in-depth result. Hope this helps.


Many thanks, Sarcasm, I appreciate that. I'll have a look through it and see if I can learn anything useful!


Hello Chancery!

If your insurance will pay for it, you can be tested by a professional/certified person using the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule). The ADOS is a standardized diagnostic tool for determining if one is autistic. Best of luck. Hope this finds you well.