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Has anyone subscribed to the "Benefits and Work" website?

This website offers guides and assistance on claiming for ESA, DLA and PIP, but much of the information requires a subscription.

I don't mind paying for something like this if it is good, but as I have to manage my budget on benefits, I have to be careful before I pay out on something that might not be worth the cost.

Has anyone had experience of this they are willing to share?

I have an appointment with DABB in Barnet to fill in my DLA application, but as my first application nine months ago failed, I have been thinking of ways to make this application successful... (My first application was before my Ataxia symptoms worsened to the point they were recognised and diagnosed).

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if your condition is variable make sure you tell them and give answers to questions as though you are at your worst unless they say different


Your local C.A.B. can help with the application !


Thanks for your answers. Unfortunately Barnet has withdrawn funding and my local CAB no longer provide DLA assistance: it has been handed off to DABB.

I did visit them (DABB) and was very disappointed. Some advice they gave was good, but they contradicted much of the advice from this website - I did subscribe and got their full files - but worse, they wanted me to state conditions that were gross exaggerations and which were therefore complete lies. e.g. They wanted me to claim it took my 5 minutes to walk 5 metres.

I am now slowly going through the advice from the website, which I find very good, and will submit the application on my own. I would have liked someone to review it but ......


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