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FA meeting in Glasgow

There was a meeting last night in Glasgow for anyone living in the West of Scotland affected by FA. This had been organised by the Scottish Muscle Network which is part of NHS Scotland. It was well attended and there were people there from all parts of Scotland which was great. We listened to a wonderful presentation (well I thought so!) by Dr Richard Petty and then there were questions to him as well as a neurophysiotherapist and a nurse specialist in neuromuscular disorders. I was able to speak about Ataxia UK and the valuable work that we do and Alison Gregg (a trustee of Ataxia UK and chairman of the West of Scotland Branch of Ataxia UK) had brought along plenty of leaflets and the last Ataxia UK magazine for everyone. A wonderful evening!

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Great stuff Harriet. Well done to yourself and Alison. Glad your visits were worthwhile.

You mention Dr Petty. Is he based at the Southern General Hospital and was he the Dr who once visted one of our Ataxia meetings in Glasgow?


Yes and yes Iain!


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