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Which is the answer?

Hello everyone

Before I start I would like it known I have no speific opinion on this subject. I am interested in the views of othersI

I realise this condition is devastating to all who suffer it and it's affects are diffferent for all of us but is is better to have it when young or at a later stage of life?.I belong to a riding club where all the riders are disabled, some terribly..Most are young and have been incapacitated all their lives. Most say that what they never have they never miss. When you are older you have done things and had a life, you know what you miss.What is better?

Take care all of you

Kind regards


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I think the answer to this one will very much depend upon the individual. My take is slightly different because I knew ataxia was coming.

Because I inherited my faulty gene off my Dad, I knew, if I lived long enough, the SCA1 would kick in. They had just discovered the test in 1995. I had it and then had about 7 years before I started showing signs. I decided that my family were growing-up and I asked myself if I had any regrets. I wished I had done more with art and so I took a Foundation Course and then went on to study Art and Design.

Unless, I knew that I had only limited time, I do not think I would have been so focused. I also discovered a love for clay and it has become my therapy.

Another plus was when we built our house we were able to incorporate wider doors for wheelchairs, avoid too many steps and have straight stairs.

I am very lucky that I could do all these things. I think that for me, I would rather have had some time to get some great memories, although I am finding it difficult as I lose physical skills that I used to have.

Also, a couple of very good friends and relatives have died over the years and I think that even though I would like not to have this, I am still here. It is not very jolly but we all have to die from something.

Love Lit


I suffer bereavement of lost skills.The younger members of the group seem so much more cherrful.I keep thinking last year I was able to do this or that but now I can't .I suppose its the problem with a degenerating disease.Were we happy then-probably not.


I think there is no right or wrong answer to this Question, while younger you adapt quicker and find fun in the challenge of overcoming the problem what ever that may be, when it hits Later in Life it is so much harder to adapt and often we find that people are more tempted to tell you it is old age catching you up and lots of "elderly "have similar problems without having Ataxia ", and more ready to assume that the slurred speech and the stagger are due to Alcohol or drugs ..............


But on the other hand, do you know that saying? - 'it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.' It's sort of the same thing.


when you are older and have had a chance to stand on the rug you notice more when it is pulled out from under you


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