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I travel a lot on the train and always book mobility assistance. The quality of this does vary greatly from station to station but when it works well, it is fabulous. I usually just use a walking stick but am making my first solo train journey in a wheelchair next month. I have travelled on trains in my wheelchair a couple of times in the past but I have been with my Mum and step-father. I have to say I am quite anxious about this particularly as I will have to negotiate a suitcase as well. Although I would rather not have a case I am going to a wedding so it is unavoidable really. I am going to buy a suitcase on 4 wheels (I think that will be easier) and I just hope the assistance is up to scratch!

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I have taken to sending mt suitcases ahead of me by carrier. The carrier collects from me and delivers to the address I will stay at. All depends how far away and how much I need to take. This has greatly reduced stress at the going away point of my holidays. I check that the place I stay will agree to hold the luggae and be there at the uplift after my holidays. The driver lifts it into the house too.

Good luck with your train travel I have not been bold enough to try it yet in a wheelchair.,


Hello HarryB

I do not travel by train so know little about it. I do use a wheelchair so know that carrying a suitcase, whilst dificult can be done. Perhaps a strong handsome man will take pity on you!!!

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck, have a good wedding!

Kind regards



This may sound daft Harriet but I think a mobility scooter might be a better alternative.

When I was in ASDA a year ago I saw a small young person carriage thing that attaches to the back of pedal Bikes to allow children travel alongside a person pedalling a bike. Just thinking that this type of carriage could be attached to the back of a mobility scooter?

I hope you don't think I'm nuts but it sounds logic to me. I also know that Scotrail will assist a mobility scooter user onboard their trains. I asked in person at Cumbernauld rail staion terminal about this and was told that they would be able to 'man' ramp access onto the train on request.


The train journey went very smoothly and the wedding was just fabulous. It was in Western Ireland and by george, they know how to party! I think it will take me about a month to recover!


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