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Broken hip

I have spent the last few weeks in hospiital recovering from a broken hip sustaned in a fall.The part of the operation to mend the hip went well but the rest, well,suffice to say I landed up on life support! That is now water under the bridge. Physio is a laugh. I can do everything in isolation but put the movements together!!

Movement is hard and getting harder by the day.

When I was first diagnosed I accepted my lot Now I have to accept it all over again. I am not coping too well. I think it is having too much time on my hands I think. I find myself thinking about what I used to do do and what I was going to do.Not good. That said I know I cannot change the situation and I must get on with it.Can anyone relate to coming to tertms with Ataxia twice?

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When I was 6 years old I was run down by a bus. This resulted in brain damage which affected my balance very badly for a few months. I'm completely deaf in one ear as a direct result of this and I think this also impacts on my balance abilities.

Keep well Carol and make sure you use a supported aid when you walk. I can walk (allbeit unstable) without my walker but always use it because I feel safer. Since using it more often I hardly ever fall.


Goodness gracious Fifa. I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this.

I had a bunion operation about 6 years ago. I was in plaster for 6 weeks afterwards. I was living on my own in Glasgow in a second floor flat without a lift at the time so had to spend my recuperation and rehabilitation period with my Mum in Lytham St Annes. I wasn't allowed to weight bare so getting around the house was by 'bottom-shuffling' on the floor and using a wheelchair when outside. Trying to explain to the physio that I couldn't use crutches or hop is another story! I was amazed how difficult it was to 'learn' to walk properly again after the plaster was removed, a process that was obviously prolonged due to having ataxia.

I then fell a few months later (the day after my Mum's wedding and the day before her and my new step-father were going on honeymoon) and broke a bone in the same foot, albeit a different bone thank goodness. It was really a similar process with being in plaster and rehab although I was allowed to weight bare minimally in the plaster which made things a little easier. My Mum and John did go on their honeymoon at my insistence and I stayed with a very good family friend for the week they were away.

Both times I felt very vulnerable as I was able to do so little for myself. I was used to working full-time and leading a very independent life. Really for the first time I was totally dependent on other and had oodles of time to somehow fill. Although I did eventually get back to the same level of mobility and function as before these injuries, it took a long time both physically and emotionally. I lost a lot of confidence which fortunately I was able to regain.

Persevere with the physio and try never to look back. Easier said than done I know but try your very hardest. My thoughts are with you.


I really hope things are starting to pick up for you. It is great that you pulled through life support. Well done.

When I had a fall couple of years ago, I re-aggravated an arm injury which had taken about a year to get over. It seemed to take months again and was very painful and really got me down.

Ataxia definitely affects you in phases, with good and bad days.

Being able to do as much physical activity as you can and getting out in a bit of sun certainly boosts your spirits.

I really hope you are starting to get the odd good time and they will increase again, I am sure.

Good luck.

Love Lit


Harriet. Lit and Ian

Thank you for your kind messages, they are much appreciated.

Kind regards



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