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Neuropsychology benefits

I have just been to see my Neuropsychologist for the second time and I now feel better for it. The first time I saw her I was very pessimistic as to what she really felt towards me and I was considering whether or not to continue to see her again.

I was so glad that I made the decision to go ahead and see her again. I felt a better trusting relationship between us had developed. She was very supportive and I could feel more empathy coming across. I don't want to explain all the nitty gritty details of what was said but I feel a lot more confidence in myself and I'm looking forward to meeting her again.

I would recommend this kind of support to anyone. A lot of people may connect with a personality from the outside but are unaware of what is going on in the inside (if that makes sense?).

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I am really glad it helped.

As a family, we regularly saw one wonderful bloke for about 2 years. He was brilliant and really helped sort out some problems.



I am delighted you felt more comfortable and that you found the appointment helpful.



Sounds good to me - I had a course of about six sessions with counsellor about anxiety attacks and although sceptical at the time, have since found them beneficial.

How do you go about getting appointment with neuro psychologist?



When we saw ours, the GP referred us.


My Neurologist referred me Patsy. He referred me into hospital as an in-patient for intensive rehabilitation therapy and Neuropsychology was included in the programme.


thanks Iain - will think about that.


Oh thanks Lit - we are hoping to be moving from Suffolk to Essex quite soon so think I will wait until then. x


Sorry to sound a bit negative but after giving it thought I don't think the outcome of the sessions I had benefitted me much. It maybe due to personal insicurity issues? I wasn't given much feedback (in fact very little), which has now left me thnking that I have wasted not only my own time but also my wife who had to take me there and the Neuropsychologists herself.


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