What would you do if you were out and about on your mobility scooter and it broke down?

I have broken down while outside on my scooter on three occasions. I have been very fortunate so far. On two occasions my wife has been able to come for me but it has been a struggle to get the scooter into the car both times. The other time I was able to phone Mobility Scotland Ltd who came to my rescue within five minutes. I had a puncture and they inflated my tyre with a pressurised foam substance, which gave me enough time to get myself down the road. They came out the next morning and were able to fix the puncture. I now have thick rubber insertrs put into my tyres and had no bother with punctures since. Just wondered what others would do?

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  • Me and Alice both have Pride Quantum electric wheelchairs. Aliice's broke down (just after the annual service!) so we rang the bloke at the shop where we bought them and he was there with his van within 10 minutes! He gave alice a lift home in the van and fixed her 'chair for free, it was a motor failure, and I drove home on my own in my 'chair.

    We opted to have solid tyres so we don't ever get punctures

  • And also keep the telephone number of an accessible taxi firm with you.

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