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Hi I’ve posted on here a few times and had helpful answers so here goes again. I’ve got SCA 2 use a walker all the time outside and mostly indoors but try to use walls and furniture if possible so I don’t get dependent on my walker indoors. Has anyone had good results from a private physio? Have they been able to make their balance any easier. Any replies great appreciated.

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Hi I have a so far unknown sca, but I do use a walker outside if I go out on my own. If I go to the supermarket, I use a trolley for support. I have had several sessions of physio both nhs and private, also private Pilates so far the most beneficial to me was the last block at a Sevenoaks an nhs physio arranged through my gp. I found the private very expensive £100/ hour! If you want my advice get referred through your Gp.

Good luck and I hope you have sucsses.

Happy New Year too!

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weegiz12345 in reply to Tallguy101

thanks tallguy reply much appreciated xx

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going experience.trhying nhs and so far so good.the physio in the hospital was great, taught me how to use outdoor walker. I suppose a question if you CAN AFFORD 0IT?

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Hi, I have ataxia too (autoimmune) and I’ve had really good results from a neuro-specialist physio. They are sooooo much better than generic physios as they know what we need as neuro patients. I use a wheelchair full time out of the house and part time at home an my physio has really helped me minimise wheelchair use in my house and helped me with my fatigue too. Hope you get some help soon x

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weegiz12345 in reply to DuncCam79

thanks will take your advice xx

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Have SCA2 and had no success with physios. A real "sports massage" person has helped enormously with my walking as they are able to release muscle tightness in my legs that helps my walking, lasts about 10 days.

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weegiz12345 in reply to Driven1

thanks for your comment xx

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