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I use a walker inside and a different one for walking round my village which I clean the wheels if it gets dirty as I have to bring it into the house. I also have one in the car for short shopping trips. My question is how do my fellow ataxians in wheelchairs mange in the house with same wheelchair if it gets dirty taking it outside if you understand. Surely you can’t use the same one outside as in, any advice greatly appreciated. Am at a loss.

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My electric wheelchair stays in the car, for use out and about…. Getting around indoors is by holding onto furniture, door frames, and walls to prevent falling over….etc🙂

Thanks x

I've liked your post as I have same question.. thanks 👍

Let’s hope wevget a reply, this issue dumbfounds me x

I have power chair indoors which I use as dressing table chair and seated exercises.. its only been out twice on dry days. I need a water trough to drive through 😆

Thanks Patsy x

My wheechair lives in the hall. So does my walker. I have a smaller 3 wheeler walker for indoors. When I go out my husband puts the wheechair in the boot. Then I use my walker to go to the car leaving my 3 wheeler witin easy reach for me in the hall. Quite a palaver but I'm used to it. Multiple grab rail all around thehouse . Chris

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Thanks Chris for explaining. Does this mean you can walk a wee bit without any aid? As folk with ataxia does this mean even though we may need a wheelchair does it mean we’ve still got a bit of use in our legs? Xx

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If only!!! I have to use a walker all around the house and have no balance at all. I have graduated from first one then two walking sticksthen various walkers, I can still do stairs as long as there is a hand rail and manage upstairs with grab rails and the walls and conveniently placed furniture. I bought the wheelchair about three months ago when I found I could only manage a few feet with a walker. Iwas able to do pilates until recently when I was unable to get up from the floor.. I know my legs are not as strong as they were and I think exercise is probably the answer.. I don't know how I would manage without my partner. Hope this helps. ( I've had to learn to be less fussy about housework)

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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I do some really simple exercises getting up and down from a chair which helps my legs and also go on my exercise bike just to keep the strength up in my legs. Like you I don’t know how I’d manage without Neil, my partner. I feel for folk living alone. Take care and thanks for answering xx

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Hi Crisal, I do same as you with everything but do not have a car or husband, I have a son that takes me out in wheelchair. I can only walk a bit out side with my walker and I walked round furniture in house. until I had an fall doing that round the living room, and broke my ankle both sides of my right ankle. So now cannot keep my balance without using a wheeled frame in house.

Hi weegiz12345 my wife has undiagnosed ataxia and she can't walk unaided so I support her wherever she goes but she can get upstairs on her own were waiting for occupational therapy to come out to assess the house and give recommendations we use a wheelchair for outside but nothing in the house yet Suppose many people have no help/ partners?

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Thanks Bradbird I’m lucky we live in a bungalow and we’ve just had a conservatory fitted for if I end up in a wheelchair. I’ve a walker inside and out but just wondered if we eventually use the use of our legs to support us? Thanks for replying xx

I like the idea of leaving wheelchair in hallway especially as we have ceramic tiles .. I also can't get up from floor despite exercising daily and presume legs will eventually give up but I am 80 next year so not doing bad so far.

You’re doing well especially at 80, I’m just 60 so hope I can keep going till then xx

I'm sure you could if you keep exercising every morning and dont give in ... pace yourself. x

Thanks again 🙂🙂xx

I think this affects us all slightly differently. I use mostly furniture and walls around the bungalow with some use of a walker, particularly in the evening. I use the walker in the garden and sometimes out on a visit. I find holding onto my wife’s shoulder and pushing her gently in front also works well. I have an electric wheelchair, which lives in the garage. This I use most days to go into town, to the gym 3x a week, to the coffee shop and the Mens shed! It’s an all terrain chair and goes in the car so I can join my wife on walks in the forest. Definitely not for indoor use. I think the answer to your question is to have dedicated equipment where you need it. As well as the gym, where I am able to do 20 minutes walking on the treadmill, I also use the leg weight machines. Every morning we do 30 minutes yoga, including getting down and up from the floor. I am 72 and on Tuesday went to London by myself using my wheelchair, buses and trains. Keep going until you really can’t.


I find I’m using walls etc in the house and like you need my walker at night, my walking goes to pot at night 😟. You’re doing so well, I use an excise bike every day. Thanks for all your comments and will take them all on board. I’ll keep going for as long as I can. Thank you so much for your comments. Take care xx

I understand that. My wheelchair lurks (with intent!) in the garage, but, as I am not strong in the arms I can't use it here as its hilly.

So when I go out I use an ancient rollator, which needs a new axle on one wheel!

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Thanks for your reply. I think if I ever need a wheelchair it would stay in the garage too but will keep muddling along as long as possible xx

If you're arms are not strong enough could you not pursue an electric assisted wheelchair? I have an electric one, as my husband couldn't possibly push me - he has severe back problems! And there's no way I could use my arms due to strength and control.


The costs of an electric wheelchair are far more that my bank account can stand, unfortunately, but I am thinking of an electric scooter.

You see, I'm not totally dependent on a chair yet, I can still get around on a rollator, and the current one is on it's last wheels ;) so I am considering my future options. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Cheers, Midori

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Hi midori,I read your message and it's just a suggestion if you need to buy an aid - rollator or wheel chair- then try ataxia for funding. They are always helping everyone. Good luck amynah

Hi AlisonHow do you manage keeping your wheelchair clean etc going from house to car etc xx

I had to give the rollator some percussive maintenance today (one of the wheels locked, so I had to kick it!)

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You’ve made my day am laughing my socks off 😉xx

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I couldn’t manage to kick I’d fall over, lol xx

Me too 😂🤣

My wheelchair is only used outside. When I've been out, if the wheels are dirty, then it sits near the front door until it's dried off.

We have a tiled area there and then wooden floors. We have no carpets in our house, but some rugs. Afterwards it belongs in the bathroom, which is quite large at ours.

I guess with carpets it's much more complicated. I have never even thought of cleaning the wheels!! Maybe I'm just not fussy enough 🤭🤭

Indoors I always have one of my walking sticks and also hold onto furniture and walls. My balance has greatly deteriorated in the last two years! In the garden and for short distances outside I use two sticks i.e. from the car to the supermarket trolley. I haven't yet got a walker, but I think it's going to be very soon!


Sorry didn’t see this my age forgive me ☺️Xx


Thanks for the reply 😀😀xx

yes.you answered your q. for inside one, for outside other, forjournies to the car sitting in gets dirty.using out also...esp now rain,mud...you clean just wipe with wetwipes.

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thanks for your advice xx

Hi, Like a few others here I haven't written anything for a while. We have just moved from a house to bungalow and Jan is getting it ready for when I need to use a wheelchair. However, I have bought an indoor walker which I can sit on and wheel myself around on, it was a bit pricey buy I've found it really helpful. Saljol Page indoor rollator - I fall easily and this helps me to keep walking without the fear of tipping over.Exercise is the key, I have Parkinson's as well as SCA14 and I keep as active as I can - sometimes it means using a wheelchair on bad days but on good days I might manage a bit of DIY in a fashion. I'm 65 and I hope to keep moving for as long as I can.

We have a large cotton type door mat that seems to trap a lot of the muck from my outdoors walker when I come inside - this might help you? Keep safe and best wishes.

Thanks for your comments, had a look at the rollator you said and it looks really good. Can you actually sit on it and push yourself around? I have an outdoor walker I use to get exercise when I go for a walk(can’t do more than 30 mins though) i keep it in my conservatory and have a mat down to keep the floor clean. I have one I use just indoors which I need in a morning and at night my balance is quite bad then but manage round the house with furniture and walls. I also have one in the car for wee times when I go shopping not for long though. I think like you exercise is important. I go for my walk each day and on an exercise bike for 40 mins each day too. Thanks for replying again and stay safe. I’m 60 and we’ve just had a conservatory fitted in case I get worse (hopefully not ☺️) take care xx

This illness is the pits when you can have so many different periods during the day (being able to surf the furniture or totally relying on the walker) but we're moving!Yes, this walker allows me to sit on the wooden seat and use my feet to 'walk' the walker around the floor. I just slip a cushion underneath me for a bit of comfort, I haven't bought anything else to use with it. It's also great to use to take a cup of tea to Jan! There's no way you can predict how quickly things will change, I've experienced a few real bad days thinking the worst, then had real good days! My speech isn't always clear, I just need to work at moving my mouth more. Best wishes to you x

Thanks for replying Harry. This rollator sounds different to others and good. I like this idea and will seriously think about getting one. I agree about good and bad days. Some I feel so down and others not so bad. But have to admit I sometimes think I’ve got nothing left to live for there seems no point in anything I feel so useless and frustrated because I can’t do much. Then Neil says there’s people worse off which I know but then there’s all the folk with no issues not caring about folk with some sort of disability. My speech is a bit wonky at times too, I think I’ve said something ok but the person listening doesn’t hear it. Thanks for your comments, take care and be safe xx

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all the best CrazyHarry.monika x

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