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Advice on electric wheelchair


I am thinking of getting an electric wheelchair from a commercial (i.e. non-NHS) supplier.

I have been doing research online and I have 2 questions:

Is it ok to order online providing you have carefully read the specifications, or should you go in person to a local dealer? Also, what model would you recommend? Previous posts have recommended an Invercare Mirage and an Energi Plus. I am thinking of getting the Energi Plus as it is a lot cheaper but still seems like a good product. What do you think?

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Depending on your needs I would recommend

No probs buying online


I have a foldawheel from Wheelchair88 and I love it. It can be folded up in a couple of seconds and just goes in the car boot (and stays there until I need it). But it comes from Malaysia, so repairs are difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

So to sum up there is no problem at all with ordering online, as long as you take normal precautions against fraud. And a local (ish) stockist for repairs is useful. But if you are prepared to gamble a bit, Wheelchair88 make superb, transportable wheelchairs.

Check what you want out of a chair. Does it need to be transportable? Lightweight? Strong? Large? etc.

PeteW in reply to violasrbest

JBH Wheelchair’s are similar but half the price.

A local Powerchair shop can help but yes, you’ll need to source the parts.

If you have PIP, they will lease it for you.

By buying through distant selling (mail order) you are protected by a variety of trading laws. As you know in the UK we have one year warranty, where we return to sender. Sometimes the vendor offers an extended warranty FOC. ASDA and ALDI do this this on certain items for 3 years. Return to vendor might be the stumbling point.

Finding a local dealer to support you might be difficult, if you buy mail order.

Using a credit card adds another layer of protection. If the vendor tries to charge extra when you use a credit card, find another vendor, as credit and debit cards are now the same charge to the vendor. There was a difference but increased usage of credit cards has brought the charge down. AMEX are outside of this. Some vendors can not change card charges because their card contract is for several years. BTW internet card purchases are a separate vendor to card processor contract to shop card sales. Purchasers are unaffected.

Some people destroy things, whereas some items last forever. If you are a destroyer perhaps buy local. One of my local vendors only supports his customers. Anyone else you're excluded.

Some carrier depots "filter" goods. As a child north of Preston we rarely got Xmas presents from the southern rellies. Some vendors know of this filtration and use another carrier for north of Preston.

Hi I have a energy plus and find it ok. It is comfy and gets me around my own town, but I do not travel with it, but you can do I suppose if you wish to, I think it weighs about 8stone altogether, so heavy. I have a supascoota for travel which folds up to go in a boot, it is great for travel and the battery lasts longer between charging.

All the best Suzie

Thanks for your replies-they have given me a few things to think about

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