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Happy New Year Everyone! I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings 😀


Wow how do I sum up this year; it has definitely been my best year to date. Dreams have come true and I still cannot believe that I am ending the year as a European Silver Medalist; it shows that perseverance and hard work pays off.

Living with a changing condition has its challenges but my motto is “everything happens for a reason” and I’m a fighter!! I really enjoy inspiring others to get involved in Para sport in particular Para Dressage; this year acting as a mentor for two young para rider’s. I also enjoyed carrying out my role as an Ambassador for two super charities. I started my public speaking journey this year which has been amazing and I cannot wait to build on this in 2020. I am so pleased that I can inspire others.

I’ve moved into my new bedroom and wet room which is very exciting and will hopefully see my independence increase again. I am also looking into getting a PA next year, an electric wheelchair and a new car so I will be zooming around everywhere!!

2019 has also had his downs losing the ability to walk completely and becoming a full time wheelchair user. Also finding out the realisation that everything I have lost is not coming back. Joining this forum has helped massively and the advice I have received has been so helpful and I have also had a chance to talk to people who are going through the same as me.

I finally got some much needed answers this year and am hopeful that 2020 will bring even more but most importantly I will be going for my ultimate dream and striving towards selection for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and going for gold!!

Bring it on!!

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Congratulations! Keep up the positive attitude. It is infectious! Good luck in your 2020 future endeavors, and competing in the Paralympics! You are such an inspiration for me!!

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Thank you very much x

Same as ddmagee1

Thank you x

Welldone xxx

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Thank you xx

Wonderful positive post. Helps to motivate us all.

Happy new year and I hope to be watching you on the TV at Tokyo Paralympics


Alison xx

That's the plan but we will see! Thank you xx

So positive. I am so happy and proud of your accomplishments! Happy New Years!

Thank you very much x

You have such a positive attitude...,kudos to you! You should be very proud of your accomplishments, as I'm impressed! Happy 2020 to you also! ;o)

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Thank you so much :D xx

You have wowed me 🤗

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Aww thank you x

Well done to you. Wish you a very happy New Year.

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Thank you, you too x

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