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Don the veteran


Does anyone know what has happened to Don, it's been a long time since he's posted and I miss his jokes and positiveness?

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🤔I think he had been in face to face contact with somebody here but I can’t recall who..

Yes he was meeting up with someone, I can't remember who either 🤷


Don also posts in the HealthUnlocked 'Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation' where his wife wrote yesterday: 'Sadly Don has had a grand mal epileptic siesure.'

Oh dear! I hope he's ok 🤞. Thanks for the update xx

SueMillmanAdministrator in reply to ww-wibblywobbly

You can see any further updates she posts if you search the members list using 'veteran' where you can see all his posts - including those on other HU sites.

Thanks, I'll have a try at that x

Here I am my lovely 😘Xx

I was face to face with Bevvick1964, but I haven’t seen her since before Christmas 2019...... she lives just a couple of miles from me. 🙂

Careful or you'll conjure him up again .. Oops! too late, he's back ..

I'd actually easily tracked you down to Positive Wellbeing in Isolation Don