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Night time leg and back pain


I was wondering if anyone has been prescribed something for numbness and or tingling and or burning in the legs and back. The pain increases during the night making sleep a challenge.

What works for those of you that experience the same?

Thank you!

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I can make a general suggestion of magnesium supplements which help me. I take one at night and seem to sleep ok without the burning and cramps I used to get. When I have tried to stop taking it, the burning comes back almost immediately.

I also have sural nerve pain for which I am prescribed pregabalin 75mg twice a day.

I will talk to the neurologist but I can certainly try the magnesium. Thank you.

I agree with Patsy, magnesium supplements. If they 'disagree' with you, get a seaweed derived source. Rubbing on ibruprofen gel may help if it is really bad. Sympathy.

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I never thought about the gel. I have used rubbing alcohol before. Thanks!

🤔 My leg pain is sometimes focused on my knees, and this can frequently wake me up. I have tried Magnesium, and Turmeric, but haven’t as yet tried Ibuprofen Gel. An Ataxia Nurse suggested I take Paracetamol before bed to see if it helped. Sometimes this does, and sometimes it doesn’t. So far, I haven’t asked my GP or Neurologist about medication.

Hi I have the same condition and did not have it before ataxia. It has been driving me totally nuts and not able to sleep. I tried almost everything and finally had to try gabapentin. It has stopped it and sleep better too. The tremors seemed to have eased as well so we shall how long it lasts. X

I hope it continues to work for you! We need our sleep!

Hello. I have had burning pain in my buttocks and back of legs especially in bed. I have found duloxetine (Cymbalta) very helpful. Take 60mg at night.

I have tried pregabalin and gabapentin but did not help

I have Neupro patches for RLS and .500mg clonazepam.

Sometimes I take paracetamol at bedtime. I had stopped taking magnesium but will start again as my cramps are becoming so painful and frequent I sometimes can't move my legs at all. And I also take amitriptyline for the nerve pain. See what works for you.

Thank you. With all of your responses I have a lot of options to discuss with the doctor!

INVESTIGATE.My late hubby suffered from what one calls electrolytis, his heart meds,, caused him crystals forming-lower legs and worsened night time...when NOT USING LEGS...equally he had diab. type 2, so it cld have been vein damage in lower legs. DO NOT POP PILLS, FOR IT, PAIN KILLERS OR WHAT,addictive.Patsy is right, try magnesium supplement, or vit B12, for nervous system...better than painkillers.It is hard to say what, if peripheral neuropathy...

I just looked up paracetamol, it is our tylenol. I do use a lot of that. Some of the meds in the UK are named differently from those on Canada.

Thank you for the response.

Baclofen before bed off doc👍 sorts out my cramps x

It’s possible from your description of your pain that you have peripheral neuropathy, they normally prescribed nerve dulling tablets, such as amitriptlin, gabapentin, pregablin, etc. These medications are extremely good at helping with the pain, but your gp/neurologist may send you fir a nerve study test doing right see if, where & how badly the nerves are damaged in your back/legs/feet/hands, tho I should imagine they’ll only test the one that your Gp thinks could be causing it. Please make an appointment & get yourself sorted & pain feee ad thus only tends to progress & the pain gets worse! Keep us updated pleads!

Please see your doctor. What did they suggest?

Blogs are not really the place for self medication

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Sorry I didnt mean to use this site inappropriately.

My apologies to everyone!

I dont think you have used it inappropriately. No need for an apology here. Knowledge is power. I think folk are just making sure you discuss with health professional before popping pills x

Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate the insight everyone provides here ! I will ensure I discuss everything with my physicians we are all different. What works for one may not work for others.

Thank you!

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You are having this site entirely appropriately: gaining information on what others find helpful for them in a similar situation so you can discuss with your doctor(s) what would be appropriate to try in your individual circumstances. Hope you find something that helps.

CHANGE OF HEART MEDS, IF TAKING ANY? massaging lower legs, preventing cramping with A RELAXANT...nothing specific, ikmportant is massage more than with what.RE paracetamol, every pharmac. company in every independent state protects itself, by branding, NOTICE ACTIVE INGEREDIENCE, not the name.

I have peripheral neuropathy and magnesium supplements seem to help me. Of course, talk with your neurologist or GP before taking anything! They may want to subscribe a pain medication.

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