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Problems with sleeping comfortably


This post is aimed at anyone with more advanced ataxia.

After 21 years of Friedrich's Ataxia I am now so stiff lying in bed that I find it hard to get comfortable. I always used to sleep on my side but find this so uncomfortable now that I am trying to sleep on my back. At the moment this doesn't work as I am not used to it. Do any of you have similar problems and are there any solutions? I do Pilates to try and help with the stiffness but this is not helping much.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I really relate to this because it is now happening to me.First getting into bed is a chore.Once there, I can somehow wriggle to my left side. Try throwing your legs left and then use your hands to move your torso. Keep trying.xxN

Thanks I'll give that a try

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