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Respiratory problems caused due to ataxia ...major problem


My father is suffering from spinocerebrallar ataxia and it's been 7yrs and due to this disease....not only coordination is affected but there are several more complications Respiratory problems are one of them....and another one is pain in legs.....can some one share their experiences or say something about it.....I know that this disease is unfortunately not curable.....and pls say about the complications, problems and experiences faced by the sufferers...

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I suffer from asthma as well as sca6 and that was one of reasons I had to use a wheelchair as when I was walking not only would my legs stop working my breathing would become erratic .I also find when I get a cold it effects my whole body all I can recommend is gentle excercise when your father is up to it .I did a bit swimming during Summer which helped breathing but needed to rest for an hour after it so its just listening to your body and trying to do small exercises if thats all it can do

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