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Gi all

I just had a call to arrange my face to face... i practically begged for a home visit. I gave up on ESA becsause they wouldn't allow it and were trying to send me here ther and everywhere.

I used to be so outgoing but my anxiety is at an all time low. I can't do the travel thibg knowing how bad they treat people, cancelling appointments, hard low chairs, impossible parking. I hate not knowing where im going anymore

He gave me a number to ring but it seems you have to be housebound for this now. I cant driveanymore, had my licence revoked, depend on my partner for lifets. I can't even walk it as far as the village bus stops, its all steps and hills. My legs hurt mostly all the time and i sleep in the afternoon nearly every day.

any advice on getting a home visit would be very welcome please?

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Have you rang them? I went today for esa asessment only to be told it was cancelled. Hope you get the home visit, sorry cant give you any more advice, take care

Hi, ask your gp for a letter


Hi so I'm going to suggest that you don't have a home visit. I went to the centre but got a taxi and a taxi back make sure the assessor sees you waiting for the taxi after the assessment they will come out to look for you waiting. Ham it up about not being able to move without taxes and what a pain in the butt it's been to get there

I daren't even open the letter

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