Has this happened to you?

Does anyone find that although they hear what's being said they momentarily are unable to speak? My husband came home from work last night and I awkwardly got up from the sofa, gave him a hug but couldn't answer him when he asked me how my day had been - it was all of 15 seconds? but he asked me the same question 3 times..... It has happened twice now...

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  • 🙂 If I'm relaxed and drowsy, it can take 'seconds' to get my brain in gear. Sometimes, I don't give an immediate response either. It's not a case of not hearing what was said, more like indecision about what to say🤔 But then I'm hopeless anyway about decisions😉xB

  • That just sounds like it... I am unable to formulate a reply straight away. You've helped me feel better by just recognising this. XX

  • I get this regularly. The speed of processing my thoughts and what is being said has declined. I have trouble with finding the right words to say and trouble with figuring out how to say them. Mild form of aphasia? I still have to have that looked at. Very annoying!

  • Thanks so much for responding to me. The husband is quite worried and thinks I should get checked out - what are you going to do? They haven't got a cure for us - I don't think they can do anything for us???

  • Personally, I think it's 'just one of those things' we come to recognise as the 'new norm'😏 And, like other irritating symptoms, the more you focus and fret about them, the more challenging they can appear to be😏xB

  • This happens to me frequently! I liken it to slowness of brain signals due to ataxia! Signals to other muscles are slow, so why not to muscles used for speech? My best to all..., ;o)

  • yes . I saw a speech and language therapist for swallowing and speaking and it made a great difference especially on the phone- I had given up ringing people because of the speech so try to get referred. Good luck Sylviax

  • Hi,

    ask for a referral to a speech and language therapist. Some just give you a lot of exercises that are for many speech problems so be sure they give you exercises that are specific to you. Breathing can also impact on speech and I know many people with other conditions, which affect their speech, have joined singing groups and yoga!

    Good luck!

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