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cerebellar ataxia and thyroid

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I have undiagnosed cerebellar ataxia. I am told by the ataxia doctors that my thyroid is ok but I have lots of symptoms of thyroid trouble. I am dizzy all the time and really tired all the time no matter how long I'm in bed. I have thyroid nodules and they only checked them to make sure they are benign which they are. nothing ese was checked. My skin is really itchy. tests for thyroid came back ok .Dermatologist told me I do not have a skin problem and that it is neural. I have sore joints and a frozen shoulder and now I have a dry mouth in the morning. I am going back again to have my thyroid checked. I can't help but think that my thyroid is causing all my misery.Does anybody else feel the same way .I've read hashimoto is responsible for 80% of nodules. Do you have nodules? It would be nice to find the cause of the ataxia. I've been going to the doctors for over 4 years now but no luck. I'm really bad with my balance now and muscles don't work very well. My neurologist tried me on mycophenolate but it did not agree with me. It's am autoimmune drug .It would be interesting to hear what others have to say

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Hi I have had lots of problem with my thyroid and it has helped me a lot with MM protocol by Anthony William. Follow him on insta Medicalmedium. He writes about all the symptoms you explain and he gives solutions. good luck

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have tried to bring up on pc but failed but thanks will try again

Yes, I agree with maysan71, buy the Anthony Williams books, he has one called thyroid healing, you will find all your answers there, it can be rather challenging to stick to his diet but so much better than putting up with our debilitating health complaints, good luck, I would love to hear how you get on, I have been following his diet for two and a half months now

It could be something other that thyroid or it could be part of another condition. I have an auto immune problem, with thyroid disease, diabetes, asthma and added to that neuro symptoms. At present all we know is that I have a Mitochondrial disease as yet unidentified. The overlap between ataxias and Mitochondrial diseases exists, so it may be you have a Mitochondrial disease that might be worth investigating.

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