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Deleted post


Dear all

Some of you read and responded to bevvick1964's post from a few days ago about how low she was feeling. I fear that I may have inadvertently deleted the thread which was absolutely not my intention. I have written to her to apologise. I also apologise to you for any upset this causes.

You may have read bevvick1964's update a couple of days ago that she is safe thankfully and getting the help and input that she requires.

Best wishes


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SO easy to do! I delete important emails regularly (thank goodness for Trash).

Great to know though, thanks x

HarryBAdministrator in reply to Litty

Thank you Litty.

Hi re hello post from DeniseLB which now seems to have been deleted was just wondering if this deletion was by the poster or by admin please?

HarryBAdministrator in reply to TedTom

Hi TedTom

The post was deleted by admin (me). I wrote to Denise explaining why.


TedTom in reply to HarryB

Thanks for your reply was that because of something I wrote? It was written as a positive input not critical? Was there a complaint? am concerned

HarryBAdministrator in reply to TedTom


It was absolutely nothing to do with what you wrote. It was more to do with the general tone of the thread and some of the exchanges being unhelpful. You must stop being concerned-there is absolutely no need!


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