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Yet ANOTHER assessment


Hi everyone. I am just feeling a bit down at the moment, as I have another assessment to attend in a couple of days (wed). Its for a health assessment by the DWP, basically to see if I can do any work. as my SSP ran out in January2018. I know I have been told about these assessments before (just done another PIP one, (long story). My main worry is that the person who is assessing me, knows sweet FA about what I.we have, and go through day to day, its ok telling them about our worst days etc, BUT if they do not know about ataxia SC7, good day/bad day, how far I can walk, is not going to make a difference. Hell, if so called health care professionals need more info at their fingertips, how can an assessor sat behind a desk, with questions on a PC, make an informed decision?. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...... rant over

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Hi, I just went for my PIP assessment and she only asked me the same questions that were on the form anyway and that was it. These assessments are stressful. We can only give them our symptoms, doctors and specialists letters, that is all people can do. I do think at times they just look at what is on the outside of people and forget about what is on the inside, which matters a lot more, how your illness affects the whole body inside and out. Try not to stress too much these assessments will be ongoing, like our illness.

All the best


Unfortunately we have all been there! (I got apology for PIP, and donation for Ataxia UK).

Even though they have all the information I print everything out for them and insist on a copy (they HATE that, but your legal right and very interesting reading).

Good luck x

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