head shakes

Hi not been on for awhile but was wondering if anyone else has a really shaky head that gives a pain, not a headache but just a pain in the top of the head, my head seems to shake constantly except when i rest my head anywhere, but even then my eye still wobbles

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  • Sorry no head shakes but if stressed whole body can shake x

  • Hello Xray25,

    Yes, my head shakes, worse when I'm stressed, or frustrated or nervous. So much that sometimes I find it hard to focus if I'm trying to read anything. The doctor tried beta-blockers with me, they worked for a while but not so much any more.

    If something is causing you worry, pain or difficulty I always think that It's best to seek proffessional advice, a trusted pharmasist who know's your circumstances is always a good start.

    Mel x

  • thanks mel yes it is worse if i am ill or frustratedrives me mad

  • I'm sure we're not the only ones on here with that problem either?

    Good luck, keep thinking happy thoughts!

    Mel x

  • I'm on 80mg slow release propanol seems to help still have the odd one

  • Hi xray25, my body and head shake too, if I am stressed, tired or cold it is worse. It is very tiring shaking and twitching, it does drive you mad. I used to have Botox injections in my neck, but stopped it as it made me feel like I had flu. I find diazepam helps , but I can only have an odd one as it is addictive, so I sometimes take one if I am going out. My head feels funny too like brain fog, my brain has shrank a bit so there is extra fluid, does not make me feel fine. My eyes used to wobble, but now it is just now and then, which is weird I thought. Hope you can get something to help your shake

    Best wishes Suzie

  • Hi to all,

    I had terrible shakes and took meds and had physio and they went away and come back now and again.

    I wanted to share this info with everyone on Ataxia website to try - its fry and it works.

    For two weeks now I have been using pressure points to alleviate my pain.

    If you look on web you can see all the pressure points to use for what pain.

    For head shakes I press the point between my eyebrows - THIRD EYE POINT - for 2 minutes.

    I press the point every morning and night for 2 minutes and when AND if I get the head shakes again, I press again.

    I have also tried the pressure points for sleep and leg jerks they have worked a bit.

    Good luck everyone - no harm in trying!


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