Severe pain

Hi guys not been here in ages dude to "the black dog" but doing better. I've just woken up with terrible pain in my left arm and having trouble with moving it and lifting it. Feels like it's coming from my upper arm. I suffered from loads of leg and arm pain when first diagnosed and have managed to kick all of my painkillers apart from Pregablin over the past year. Hope it's not coming back but I'm in agony. I sleep on my back so I haven't slept on it !!!!!

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  • Hi Bev ( if I may call you that) I too live in Gravesend, pleased to meet you so to speak. xx

  • Wow whereabouts are you I'm in Painters Ash ?

  • Hi I'm in Gloucester Road, Kings Farm!

  • 😏 My right arm can be very painful, I empathise. Recently my Neurologist prescribed Acetazolamide, one of the side effects listed is pins and needles😫 What doesn't kill you makes you better 😉 BTW, Acetazolamide wasn't for pain relief 🙂 What a nice surprise to find you have someone virtually on your doorstep👍😊xB

  • Where's your doorstep Beryl ??

  • Newcastle🙂xB

  • Way up north then, so are you a Geordie born and bread???

  • Wye I man 😂xB

  • Puzzled by .....Wye I man ?? xx

  • Translation - yes of course

  • Thank you..... whilst in the RAF I was serving with some geordie lads and I found them to be the salt of the earth, they were so friendly and couldn't do enough for you...... that's when I first heard them sing the Blaydon Races..... did I spell it right ?? xx

  • Spot on😉xB

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