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Chest pains and coughing

Im having chest pains my gp just gives me antibiotics 4 courses in last2 months Ive heard it can be related to ataxia anyone any advise please Im also quite breathless

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Don't know about this. But keep us informed. What does he think its from.


I have to be honest , I haven't heard of that one but that doesn't mean to say it can't be true . Would love to know more.


Could me muscle related, but any chest pain is shortness of breath needs to be looked into! Have you had a chest X-ray?


I haven't heard of it being related to Ataxia either, but as others have said, it doesn't mean it isn't.

I know heart problem can be attributed to FA.

Also my husband gets pneumonia quite regularly, this is due to ataxia and having compromised swallow, he aspirates on his own saliva.

We normally by pass the doctors and go to the ED at the hospital, that way blood tests are taken straight away. Is this something you could do, they'll do an EEG as a routine. As soon as you say chest pain they will get you sort ed.

Good Luck.


I have chest pains all the time and mine is do to muscles


🤔 Has the GP done any blood tests? I get short of breath after the least exertion but that's just me (totally out of condition). I also have an irritating cough occasionally but I put that down to choking, things going down the wrong way😏 Repetitive antibiotics may not be the answer🤔 Why don't you ask for a referral, or make an appointment with a different GP just to see if they come to the same conclussion🤔xBeryl


Ive had tests but they say nothing's wrong at this moment I'm in bed sweating out of breath


Hello Guy,

A couple of months ago I went to docs because of irritating cough, breathlessness, sweating, chest pain, I had put up with these symptoms for about 6months putting them down to side effects of the medication I take. However, when I began having halucinations and the chest pain became unbearable my family insisted on taking me to the GP. She took unrine, blood and sent me for Xray. A Large mass was found in my lung, Scarey times. But it cleared after and intense coctail of antibiotics. To cut a long story short, they were able to put it down to my ataxia. The that closes my windpipe when I'm eating or drinking has weakened making it's action slower, allowing particles to reach the lung and bacteria gathered in there causing an infection which I left untreated. (that part was my fault and nobody elses) A speech & language therapist has since visited me and explained different methods to help when swollowing and avoid choking and the risk of this happening again anytime soon. As ataxians we should be used to adapting but sometimes we need professionals to point us in the right direction?

My advice, insist on a chest XRay at least and make sure you and your doctor know about ataxia. Ataxia UK are a mine of information and advice for both you and doctors.

The most important thing I learned from my experience is, Not to leave things too long thinking 'it's just a symptom of ataxia, medication, old age etc... I just have to put up with it.'

Also, Speech & Language Therapists are not just for when you're having trouble speaking.

Either way, I do know that worry only makes things worse so don't give up until you can put that worry to bed.

Kind Thoughts,

Mel x


Hi thanks it sounds a lot like what's happening to me I try and tell my Gp but there very ignorant of ataxia and I only get to Sheffield twice a year.


With Ataxia you are meant to have an echocardiogram every 2 years my Neurologist asked me if I was getting breathless which I'm not so maybe can affect

See your Neurologist

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Thank you I didn't know that


Hi Guy Like Memilo I would go back to your doctor and ask them to do a chest x ray/CT scan.

My husband had a pleural thickening picked up on his lung in January. Very tired, profusely sweating, temperature up and down, coughing, runny nose. they only picked it up by chance as in hospital for something else, so really go to GP and ask them to send you for x ray at very least so they can figure out what is going on.

All the best


Thank you I shall follow your advice x


Hi guy wondering how you are and if you ever got them to refer you for a chest X ray? Take care


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