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Living With Ataxia


My ataxia is a product of an auto accident I had 1974, 44 years ago. I had many neurological symptoms for many years that was not bad enough to diagnose me. I was told my symptoms were of a post concussion trama and was requested I see a psychologist. I complied to the neurologist's request. After a couple of months the psychologist told me that my symptoms weren't in my head and to get a second opinion. after many doctor visits I gave up and lived with periodic dull symptoms of what is called Ataxia. I was diagnosed with this a little over a year ago. I was having severe balance issues which caused me to to fall. IT has also affected my ability to getting to the bathroom in time. it's hard not be able to travel like I use too. The good is: Even though I was told therapy doesn't help much, I decided to start exercising in slowly, not pushing it. I went from a walker to arm crutches and now a cane for when I go out for better stability. in the house I have canes around the it as needed. I eat very healthy foods and take vitamins and supplements to enhance my well being. I don't know how long this will last...hopefully longer then the doctor's prognosis. I have many other health issueso that I have been dealing with throughout my adult life. I haven't given up with them and I don't plan too now. The more negative we feel...the more progressive Ataxia or other health issues become. I forgot to mention I meditate daily to help with pain and keep my spirits high.

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Well done, keep it up

best wishes


Thank you!

wobblybee in reply to brossi65

😊 Actually being told 'it's not all in your head' ( although it is😏) is somehow a relief. You feel vindicated, you haven't simply got an overactive imagination😉 Keep on doing what does you good😊xB

brossi65 in reply to wobblybee

Thank u ...most appreciated 🙂

Dear Brossi65, You go girl...,ha! Sounds like you're doing everything right! You have a great attitude, which is the first step! My best to you..., ;o)

brossi65 in reply to february

Thank you for your support.🙂

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