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Going to Miami with cerebellum ataxia

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Got stopped at Thorpe Park ,few years back , they said they thought I was drunk the way I was walking. I have cerebellum ataxia

My consultant has told me I might be how to get some sort of card on this site , so if I get pulled up again I can produce this to them

I am going to Miami in June

If anybody can give me help with this please reply

Many thanks


26 Replies
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If you go on ataxia uk site they can send you cards I carry them all the time Evan though I am 9n avwherlchair

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rickstar in reply to xray25

Thanks for your help

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I'm not sure where you live but contact

Ataxia UK

12 Broadbent Close,

London N6 5JW

tel. 020 7582 1444 or Helpline 0845 644 0606.

They produce a card (like a business card) which reads

'I am NOT drunk'

I may be clumsy.

I may fall over

My speech may be slurred.

I may walk as if I'm drunk.

I am not on drugs.

I have a medical condition: ataxia.

I have used this card many times in the last few years - it is much quicker than explaining everything and as it identifies Ataxia UK it has a great deal of authority.

Good luck with your holiday.

Derek Wood

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For my son I made my own that he wears as you would an ID badge when out in busy places.

I printed on normal paper and tweaked size to be as a business card. You can add logo etc from internet. One side says I am not drunk, I have ataxia..

The side next to it has the hospital and family contacts.

I then folded it and laminated using sticky self-laminating business card size plastic from Rymans...

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Thanks for your help

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rickstar in reply to woody1404

Thanks for your help

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My mum myself and my sister have cerebellar ataxia. My mum got told to leave BHS shop because they thought she was drunk. She mentioned the incident to her consultant and he wrote a card out for me my sister and my mum to carry around with us explaining briefly about the condition and that we were not drunk. Ķali kang

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rickstar in reply to Kalikang

Thanks for your help

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If you contact the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) they will send you a card to carry. I have a business card that my speech pathologist wrote out for me to carry. Also, as others have said, Ataxia UK will send you a card. Have a great trip to Florida! My best to you..., ;o)

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rickstar in reply to february

Thanks for your reply

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I don't know if you use a walking stick? But I've started to and people react differently as they can see I have a condition rather than a drink problem. Have a great holiday!

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rickstar in reply to Happyfacexx

Thanks for the reply

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Hi, I live in Miami and, as long as I know, you just need a copy of your diagnosis and your last order of medicines.

With those papers you're not going to have any problem.

Also, you always can go to the Consulate in all countries and they can give you an ID with the information.

We did for some friends from Brazil and worked well.

Good luck and enjoy

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rickstar in reply to FabiaMurr

Thanks for reply

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As others have written, Ataxia UK send members, cards explaining you are not drunk. Height barrier might be a concern :-)

Having a visible sign that all is not well. Stick or walker even if not used lets other people know. Pride might stop you.

Neighbours avoid using parking space I use because of Blue Badge on display. They even warn their visitors. Now workmen in trade vehicles are incorrigible.


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rickstar in reply to FFNick

Thanks for your reply

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Hi Rickstar

I too have cerebeller ataxia Which I have had for over 12 years. Have been all around the world on travel Have an ataxia card but also a letter from my doctors. So far no problems.

Hope you get things sorted.

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rickstar in reply to jomo50


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Ricky join Ataxia UK they will give you a card to carry. My husband has one as he has had this happen too. Enjoy your holiday


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Hey Ricky I've been to America lots of times and I've got ca as well. First thing is Americans are so much better at dealing with disability than us Brits. You get treated with compassion and understanding. It will help if you are using a cane or other mobility aid. But getting hold of a card will definitely help.

Enjoy your trip Sam

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Thanks for that

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🙂 If you haven’t already done it, ask for assistance through the airport. I haven’t been to Miami Airport, but I have walked through Orlando Airport after a long 9hr flight 🙄 Last year, on checking in at Manchester, I requested assistance at Orlando. I’m so glad I did. You’ll probably be very stiff at the end of the flight, and it takes a while to get going again. Apart from the obvious benefit of not having to join in the general pushing and shoving, assistance means no queue 😉 xB

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SamGH in reply to wobblybee

Oh yeah second that. Miami is hug with a horrendous walk. Order assistance and a lift!

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Asking for assistance at the airport, using a three pronged walking stick, prescribed by doctor, and having my diagnoses written out by doctor on an official paper to take with me, has helped me to have smooth traveling all the way! I have Cerebellar Ataxia diagnosed, and Parkinson’s Disease. Having the walking stick makes a huge difference, so that people can see I’m struggling when my balance is off, and I tend to wobble.

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Ataxia UK send cards

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