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Advice/Info and anyone local?

Hullo everyone

I expect lots of us have back pain due to our gait ( I walk with my legs quite wide apart not pretty). Can anyone recommend some sort of corset/back support which might help. I walk indoors with a rollator but use a wheelchair outside. I've also just bought the OTvest and am testing it. If anyone is interested I'll let you know how it goes. Also I live in Leyton East London (near Westfield and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park) so if anyone is near and fancies meeting or just chatting.

Best wishes


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Yes I would be interested in your results.My name is Lovely_1 so please post


Miles from London - sorry.

Very interested to know about vest please. Where did you get it?


We would also be interested in your results with the OTvest, thanks. Btw our son lives in the same area as you but we don't get to see him very often as it's quite a distance away from us. :-)


As well as using back support have you considered doing exercises to strengthen your legs? I have been doing this sort of exercise regularly for the last year and it has really helped relieve the strain on my back. You can ask your GP for a referral for physiotherapy. Where I live, in Bedfordshire, physiotherapists are thin on the ground so I have been doing exercises from this website:

(The exercises start at line 17: "There are also some simple exercises which you can do to help strengthen your legs without the need of special equipment...."

Best wishes

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